Thursday, 12 February 2015

My Love for the Black Horse

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF), Mumbai is the country’s largest multicultural festival. Kala Ghoda Arts district is considered as the heritage art district of South Mumbai and Kala Ghoda Association (KGA) was formed with the objective of preserving and maintaining the art heritage. Source

2015 is the 16th year of KGAF. A community celebration of Art, Cinema, Heritage, Theatre, Street Art, Architecture, Food, Dance, Literature, Music and Workshops. People from all over the country participate in the festival. Some breathtakingly beautiful art installations would simply make you fall in love with art all over again. The art installations at Rampart Row is also a photographer’s delight. That’s why this is my favorite destination during the KGAF.

I would not spend much time blabbering and let you have a glimpse of what artists have to offer this year. 

* Click on the pictures for better resolution

Installation by JALWA- Bollywood Ambassador

Wood art by IVEI- UP

Art Installation from OLX depicting Adam and Peace

EthnoMod- Celeberating Spirit of Womanhood in India

Porosity by Keyur Mistry

Pretty Clay Art- A Stall from West-Bengal

My Sister giving Hug To The World as was the theme of this installation

Hand Gestures

Get to Paint a Picture of your Favorite Star

Posing for NatGeo

Hope and Love

Absolutely adored the quote from Einstein

I loved the lines mentioned below this installation

This was an installation by children at the Museum Gardens of Chatrapati Shivaji Vastu Sangrahalaya

A Visual Art Installation Depicting the Transition of Cinema from Celluloid to Digital

An art installation by Pepe Jeans London- Representing Ethno-Mod - Spirit of Womanhood in India

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